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Carmen Yague

Carmen's practice and teaching were shaped during her years living in London and her regular trips to India and the US. She is deeply rooted in the lineage of the KPJAYI in Mysore.

She is thankful to her teachers, especially to Adam Keen's pragmatic approach and valuable insight on yoga technique; Hamish Hendry, Director of the thriving Ashtanga Yoga London, her "home away from home," and Sharath Jois, holder of the lineage, from whom she has received Authorisation Level II to teach.

Over the last couple of years, Carmen has established a strong connection with Santina Giardina - Chard, which inspires her daily practice and personal research in the most astounding, unexpected ways.

She currently practices the Intermediate Series of Ashtanga yoga and is inspired to deepen her understanding of this method, so she can share it from a place of Awareness, Authenticity and Love.


Alejandra Graterol

Alejandra got in touch with yoga in 2000. In 2007 she discovered Ashtanga yoga while living in Paris.

Even though she didn't know much about Ashtanga, a powerful connection was established. In 2011, she moved to Brussels. Before looking for a place to live, Alex looked for a shala to practice. In Brussels she met her teachers: Anne and Lynne Pinette, who taught her the practice in the most traditional and disciplined way.

In 2015 Alex made her first trip to Mysore, India, to practice directly with Sharath Jois, at the KPJAYI Institute, with whom she continue her ongoing studies.

In 2018, she received Sharathji's Authorisation Level I to teach Ashtanga yoga, the most powerful and transformative method she has known to date.

Gema Izquierdo

Gema gets in touch with the yoga world through Vinyasa.

In 2016 she discovers the practice in Ashtanga Yoga Madrid under  the guidance of  Sara Menéndez and Raúl Rivas . From then on, she dedicates herself fully to the study of the practice with teachers like Borja Romero - Valdespino in Madrid and Anurag Vasallo in Ibiza.

 In 2017 Gema leaves her job and commits to the practice completely, which leads her to complete a program with the Yoga Alliance.

Gema currently studies and teaches with Carmen Yague at Ashtanga School Madrid.

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Tanya Billings

Tanya’s first contact with yoga was when she was about 11 years old, when she started practicing from a book she ordered by mail, on the days before Amazon.

She went to her first Hatha yoga class in 1998 and in January 2001 she did her first Ashtanga yoga led class with Borja Romero-Valdespino and his then partner Natalia Paisano. Six years later, she found the courage to return and has not stopped since.

She has studied with several authorised and certified teachers, such as Borja Romero - Valdespino, Jose Carballal, Rafa Martínez and Alexia Pita in Madrid, Rolf Naugokat in Goa, Guy Donahue in New York and Peter Sanson and Hamish Hendry when they have visited Madrid. She has also been three times in Mysore with Sharath Jois, one of the most treasured experiences of her life.

Tanya currently studies with Carmen Yague at Ashtanga School Madrid, who has helped her get through a terrible crisis in her practice. She is grateful for her delicate, non-judgmental and humble approach to teaching and her wisdom of the practice and her students.