A trade-off

First few hours in Mysore. Even though jet-lagged, I feel surprisingly fresh, awake and strangely connected. It is as if I had never left this place.

The Mystery of Mysore, as Santina Giardina - Chard refers to, is a very real thing. Like a puzzle that isn’t meant to be solved, a code that doesn’t need to be cracked, what happens in Mysore defies common sense. And that’s what makes being in Mysore such a powerful, perplexing, mesmerising place.

Mysore has given me so much. It has also taken away a lot. Everything comes at a price, and I have paid some of my debts.

Being the epicentre of Ashtanga yoga, the practice here can be very transformative. Sweet and challenging, kind and harsh, playful, mischievous, and brutally honest, it will push your buttons, tease you, and yet support you, nourish you, in a very intimate, real way.

Even in my darkest hours here, there has always been an underlying sense of purpose, an innate intelligence in what seemed to make no sense whatsoever. Things have come together or fallen apart, always for the better. And so, I have learned to keep my expectations on hold and let the process unfold.

Mysore Magic, the Mystery that Mysore entails, can mean different things based on where you are at mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Mysore will give you what you need, when you need it. I believe it doesn’t give you more than what you can handle, but spending some time here inevitably involves growth, and growth demands a bit of discomfort. It is a trade-off.

I guess that this brief letter in the middle of the night is a way to put my first impressions in order, so I can go back to bed with a sense of completion. Hopefully, it will also touch you in some way.

Speak soon. Meanwhile, Move, Breathe, Sweat. And start again :)

x Carmen