I am saying goodbye to 2018 in bed with the flu.

This has been a year to remember. The first half of the year almost tore me apart, as it came full of drama. I was naively celebrating the entrance of the New Year on a rooftop in Mysore, India, with some of my friends. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. Little I knew what awaited around the corner.

Even though the second half of the year has been remarkably gentler, it still has come full of lessons that have demanded my entire attention.

We often refer to the work that we do on our yoga mat as a cleanse, an internal purification. The practice purifies the body, the mind, the nervous system. Slowly slowly, our body becomes stronger and more flexible, and so does our mind.

Our awareness sharpens and we start to tap into our inner self. We begin to uncover the essence of what we are, to pay attention to the sacred callings of our soul. All of this becomes increasingly evident as we become more established in the practice. It can be equally disturbing and liberating, but that is just the way it is.

If after practicing for some time you are summoning the resolve to make life-changing decisions, know it is not a coincidence, but a natural consequence of the practice, a clear sign that the yoga is working at a deeper level.

Also, know that you will have to put up with some discomfort, to deal with some trouble, because you are shedding your old skin but still are walking the path blindly, without a clear warranty of the destination, merely assisted by your faith, your determination and your gut feeling.

Indeed, external circumstances and internal state go hand in hand. Your fears, your ways of thinking and of being, your beliefs, all of these create external structures that reflect what lies within.

The usual episodes of fever, vomiting, and diarrhea that some yogis experience in Mysore and that is commonly referred to as The Yogic Fever are a cleanse, a tangible metaphor of letting go.

Considering the tone of 2018, it seems quite fitting to end it in bed, with a fever, lots of coughing and my ladies. I´m most likely letting go of the residue of 2018 and making room for what the New Year might bring.

Merry Christmas :)

x Carmen