Ashtanga Mysore

Mysore is self-practice in a group setting where students practice a fixed set of postures based on their experience and physical ability while the teacher offers instruction and adjustments individually.

Mysore style is the ideal environment to learn Ashtanga yoga gradually and in a personalized manner. It is the closest to a private lesson in a group setting. 

The arrival time is flexible. You can join anytime up until 1 hour before the end of the class. Make sure you come with enough time to do your practice.

Mysore welcomes students with any level of experience and physical ability, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. To ensure the highest teaching standards, please contact us before booking yourself in a Mysore session if you have never practiced Mysore before and await for our confirmation before coming.

First Series Led Class

Led or Guided classes cover the First Series of Ashtanga yoga and follow the Traditional Vinyasa Count of the Ashtanga method. 

Please note that led classes start on time. Students are required to arrive at least 5 minutes before to ensure a timely start and join the class safely. Otherwise we cannot guarantee access to the shala.

If you have never done Ashtanga yoga before you may join a led class. However, bear in mind that the teacher might ask you to stop at some point during the class to ensure an appropriately paced progress. If you have no or little experience with Ashtanga yoga, please contact us before booking yourself in.

Introduction to Ashtanga

We run introduction workshops especially tailored to those students with no experience with Ashtanga yoga and who wish to get started. They are scheduled on a regular basis and offer a beginner friendly approach to the practice.

In these workshops we typically cover the Sun Salutations and the Standing sequence at least partially, even though this might vary based on the group.

We will hold your hand and help you build up your confidence, skill and sense of autonomy to join any of the classes that the school offers.