Carmen Yague. Photography by Tiago D' Oliveira. Mysore, India. 2017.

Carmen Yague. Photography by Tiago D' Oliveira. Mysore, India. 2017.


Ashtanga School Madrid is a yoga shala founded by Carmen Yague, KPJAYI Authorized Teacher Level II.

The school welcomes students to a traditional Ashtanga yoga practice and offers a steady, reliable environment for self-improvement built upon enhanced awareness, compassion and wisdom.

Our Core Values

Playfulness. Having the will to explore. Challenging existing assumptions and beliefs and daring to do things differently. Adopting a curious, playful attitude and a beginners mindset. Minimising unnecessary drama and laughing often: not taking ourselves so seriously!

Truthfulness. Being honest with ourselves and with others in non hurtful ways. Leading by example, making our words and our actions match. Self inquiry. Checking in.

Responsibility. Becoming accountable for our thoughts, our words and our actions. Standing our own ground. Owning up to our circumstances and to the choices that we make instead of blaming external factors. Reframing the ways in which personal responsibility is defined and what these involve. 

Resolve. Having the courage to look and the clarity to come to conclusions, yet remaining open and humble. This way we can move forward and stay away from dogma and self entitlement.

Acceptance. Being accepting of our own flaws, yet willing to better ourselves. Having compassion with ourselves and with others. Relating to our flaws in healthy and constructive ways, so, even though still imperfect, we may become a source of inspiration and an example that others are compelled to follow.

Pragmatism. Adopting a pragmatic, minimalistic approach. In the quest for meaning in life, simplicity becomes essential. Noise is to be reduced.

Enjoyment. Opening up to the wonders of the ordinary, so that we can be more present, more involved in our daily practice and in our mundane tasks. Finding joy in the everyday, a fair 95% of what life is made up of. 

Connection. Being there for each other in supportive, healthy and reasonable ways, while allowing each one to walk their own path how he/ she may choose. Not interfering, yet remaining true to our values, our standards and our ideas of self worth.

Love. Clearing our act up. Getting clean and clear by working through mental and emotional blockages. Freeing up space. Making room for Love to shine through.